Michael B. Jordan fond of the scent of school soap

Michael B. Jordan has named liquid school soap as one of his favourite scents.

The Black Panther actor was named as the global ambassador for U.S. luxury brand Coach last year, and has since starred in advertising campaigns for men’s fragrances Coach For Men and Coach For Men Platinum.

While Michael is a big fan of both of the colognes, he has now shared how he actually has rather unusual taste in perfume.


“(My first scent memory is) antibacterial hand soap from elementary school,” the star said in an interview for The Cut. “You know, the orange-yellow colour kind? I actually love that smell. Takes me back to good ol’ third grade. Yup.”

Michael went on to explain that he loves the aroma of fresh-cut grass, eucalyptus, and Mexican spices. But he has learned the hard way that certain types of alcohol and cocktails may not be as good for him as they may taste and smell.

“(Regret smells like) f**kin’ tequila,” he laughed. “No, I like tequila, tequila’s amazing. So maybe, the morning after tequila; whatever that morning smells like, that’s it… inside of a toilet bowl! Sorry.”

Over the years, Michael has developed a technique for scent application too, choosing to spritz it on after showering, and then adding a splash more once dressed.

But he insisted in a chat with Elle magazine that he mostly abides by a low-key grooming regime.

“I’m super low-maintenance: shower, moisturise, put some cologne on,” the 32-year-old smiled. “Self-care? Manicure, pedicure – I’m starting to get more into that.”