Megan Thee Stallion determined to finish school ‘for the women who made me who I am today’

American Music Awards 2019 - Arrivals held at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Featuring: Megan Thee Stallion Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 24 Nov 2019 Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/

Megan Thee Stallion is determined to graduate from Texas Southern University to honour “the women in my family who made me who I am today”.

The Hot Girl Summer rapper’s mother, Holly Thomas, died in March 2019, after suffering a brain tumour.

And in a new interview with People, the star revealed part of the reason she’s staying in school is to honour her mum’s legacy.


“I want to get my degree because I really want my mum to be proud. She saw me going to school before she passed,” the 25-year-old shared. “My grandmother that’s still alive used to be a teacher, so she’s on my butt about finishing school. I’m doing it for me, but I’m also doing it for the women in my family who made me who I am today.”

Explaining how her family members have always encouraged her to follow her ambitions, she added: “My daddy passed away when I was 15, so my mama was still going hard taking care of us. If we were going through money problems, my mother and my two grandmothers always made sure I didn’t know.

“We could’ve been struggling, but they made it work. I’ve always seen strong women making it work, so I’ve always wanted to have that same drive the women in my family have. I know I get a lot of my strength from my mother and both of my grandmothers.”

Megan is currently studying online for a degree in healthcare administration at Texas Southern University and dreams of opening an assisted living facility for the elderly in her home town.

She previously explained of the venture: “I really want my facilities to be (staffed by) some of my classmates and other kids that are just graduating from college that need jobs. Like, this could be your first job.”