Mathew Knowles: ‘Beyonce and Solange know I’m a fighter’

Mathew Knowles has opened up about sharing his breast cancer diagnosis with his famous daughters Beyonce and Solange.

The entertainment mogul and former Destiny’s Child manager, who went public with his diagnosis on the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, gave an interview on Good Morning Britain on Friday and explained it “was tough” to share the news with his family.

“It was tough to have to tell them that. But genetically it’s all my family members. I had to talk to my sister, my nieces, my grandson, everyone is affected by this,” Knowles explained. “My daughters love their father obviously and I love my daughters. The love there and the care and family, it’s always good to have family in these tough times… But my kids know how tough their dad is, and what a fighter I am.


“I’m also very cautious and I’m doing all the things… it’s a lifestyle change. I stopped drinking, I’m working out more, losing weight. Also, it’s a mental thing, every time you have a cold or anything, you immediately think, ‘Boy it’s cancer coming back’. It’s a psychological thing you have to work on and I’m getting there with that.”

Despite his health issues, Knowles insisted: “I am enjoying life. But they (my daughters) also realise that, and they understand, living your passion. The music industry, motivating people, now telling my story and entertainment, music and health, I enjoy that.”

He added: “I’ve had surgery, but I feel so much better today. I’m very grateful that I have that hopefully behind me. I’m telling my story because it’s about early detection when we talk about breast cancer and other cancers.”

The businessman is a father of four – he shares Beyonce and Solange with ex-wife Tina and has two young children with current spouse Gena Avery, who he married in 2013.