Mark Wahlberg picked Pomeranian pet because it wouldn’t ruin his lovely lawn

Mark Wahlberg only agreed to take in a Pomeranian pet after realising the pooch wouldn’t destroy his lawn.

The movie star never had a lawn before he moved into his current home and now he’s obsessed with the grassy space and doesn’t want it ruined by a pet, which was a problem when his kids started begging for a dog.

“When I saw the guy who had the Pomeranian, I was like, ‘How big does that dog get?’ and he said, ‘This is full grown’,” he tells Ellen DeGeneres. “I said, ‘How big is the poop?’ and he said, ‘It’s like a little Tootsie Roll’. I said, ‘I can manage that!'”


The dog, named Champ, isn’t a problem for Mark’s immaculate lawn, but the pet has brought other problems into the Wahlberg home: “We’re going to training because the dog thinks he’s a Rottweiler and is trying to attack me and everybody else.”

When the Boogie Nights star first took the pooch home, his kids were expecting a visit from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

“I told the kids someone very important was coming to the house,” Mark recalls, explaining his wife dragged him out of a meeting to ask, ‘Why is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West coming here at dinner time?’

“She said, ‘Brendan and Grace (kids) literally said if it’s someone important it’s gotta be them’. I’m like, ‘It’s not them. I got a dog.’ And then she got upset because I didn’t include her in the selecting of the dog.”

And things didn’t get any better when Mark told her what dog he had picked: “She goes, ‘I hate those little furry dogs!’ She was so upset.

“She, now, and everybody is in love with the dog. The dog runs the house… The smiles on their faces were absolutely precious.”