Mark Ronson’s new album helped him cope with divorce

Mark Ronson coped with his divorce from French actress Josephine de La Baume by recording his new album.

The Uptown Funk hitmaker had a tough 2018 following his divorce from Josephine, who he split with in 2017 after five years of marriage, but he threw himself into working on his forthcoming record Late Night Feelings.

He tells Mr Porter magazine that working on new tracks helped him deal with the split, as he channelled his heartbreak into his art and has ultimately created music he’s proud of.


“It’s helped me get over it (the divorce),” the 43-year-old explains. “I can look back and say these are better songs than usual because I had to go through something. Duh, of course! All your favourite records are made from heartache.”

He went on to say that he learned the value of allowing negative feelings to fuel creativity from collaborating with stars like Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, and band Queens Of The Stone Age, who all recorded albums with him filled with “visceral emotions”.

Explaining his philosophy on the matter, Mark adds: “If you’re going to feel like s**t, you might as well get something good out of it.”

But when it comes to his future in music, Mark, who recently scored an Oscar for his work on A Star is Born, admits he’s unsure how many more albums he has left in him.

“I think I’ve got probably five more years left of relevance in the pop world and then maybe I’ll be a visiting professor at NYU (New York University) music school or something,” he muses.

Late Night Feelings is out in June.