Marie Osmond: ‘My family thought obesity would kill me’

Marie Osmond’s family hosted a weight loss intervention for her out of fear obesity would kill her.

The singer was 50 pounds (26 kilograms) overweight in 2007 when her son begged her to seek help, and she told the Daily Mail she was really struggling with her health when her family decided enough was enough.

“He said he was coming to me on behalf of all my kids,” the mother-of-eight explained. “They had all talked about this and he was the one delivering the message. He said, ‘Mom you’re all I have, I need you’.


“I couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs without panting. To have an extra 50 pounds on my small frame was bad for my heart. And my knees were feeling the pain too.”

She decided to overhaul her lifestyle and began exercising, and now the 60-year-old is proud of her weight loss.

“I feel great in my new body,” she said. “I could never have performed in Las Vegas for all those years with that weight on.”

While The Talk show host previously admitted that she struggled with eating disorders in her youth, Marie stuck to a healthy eating program to make sure she didn’t slip back into her old ways.

“I was doing Dancing with the Stars and I thought 50 extra pounds in spandex is not a beautiful combination. I was ready. It took me about four months to lose 50 pounds,” she shared, adding that she followed the Nutrisystem diet plan, which places importance on lean protein and carbohydrates with a low glycemic index.

“People assume I lost it on Dancing with the Stars but that’s not true. I started my journey before I did that show,” she gushed.