Mariah Carey prefers to wear custom-made outfits on stage

Mariah Carey prefers to take the stage wearing custom designs tailored to her shape.

The singer, who is currently gearing up to revive her Las Vegas residency show, works closely with stylist Nicolas Bru to create the perfect looks for her concerts and Bru, who has also worked with singers Fergie and Sofia Carson, knows better to present his most famous client with racks of designer clothing.

“She doesn’t like to try on a hundred things,” he tells People magazine. “I usually try to get clothing made for her because she likes custom dresses, especially for her concerts and music videos. She’s been doing this for a pretty long time so she’s very aware of her body and what looks good on her.”


The style guru adds that while the Emotions hitmaker is particular about her personal style, she is open to new ideas.

“She usually has a pretty good hunch as to what’s going to work,” Bru adds. “She’s also pretty eccentric – if I feel like she should try something, she’ll try it on and give it a chance. She’ll tell me, ‘I’m not sure it’s going to work but I’ll give it a try’. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

Carey’s willingness to try out new ideas often leads to memorable looks: “We did a custom Julien Macdonald fringe dress for the opening of her Vegas residency this summer and it was hand-embroidered with a deep V-neckline and then it had long, metal chains that were sewn on the side,” he recalls.

“It was extremely heavy to hold because it was all metal but it moved really nicely. She had to be on stage and walk down stairs, so she really wasn’t sure if it would work. But when she put it on she loved it. We customised it for the stage and she ended up wearing it for every show.”