Mariah Carey insists she didn’t confuse Jennifer Aniston with Reese Witherspoon

Mariah Carey has slammed reports suggesting she confused Jennifer Aniston with Reese Witherspoon at Variety’s Power of Women Luncheon last week.

The diva, along with Jennifer, Chaka Khan, Brie Larson, Awkwafina and Dana Walden, was honoured as part of the publication’s annual celebrations, and took to the stage to deliver a heartfelt acceptance speech.

Appearing after Jennifer, Mariah’s teleprompter went out in the middle of her speech and she said she “predicted it”.


“This is why I have cue cards because I was watching Reese Witherspoon doing her speech – I am completely off speech right now – why can’t it be the one that’s right in front of you?” the Hero singer joked. “Oh Lord, well I will just get into it and trust these prompters will work.”

After a video of the speech was posted online, several media outlets reported the singer had confused her fellow winner with the Legally Blonde actress.

However, taking to Twitter, Mariah explained she was really referring to Reese’s speech at the Power of Women event in 2014, where she suffered a similar teleprompter gaffe.

“That’s idiotic. Daily Mail, Mirror, Metro, Buzzfeed. YOU’RE mistaken & didn’t do research,” the star wrote. “Trust me, I know the difference. I KNOW them. If this is your takeaway from an event that celebrates women, shame on you!

“I was referring to Reese’s speech below,” she concluded, alongside a link to the speech.