Maisie Williams: ‘It’s hard to escape body image pressure as an actress’

Maisie Williams tries hard not to obsess over the way she looks as it can be so “self-destructive”.

Despite working in an industry which is focused on how people look, the English actress is determined not to get down about her body shape.

Speaking in an interview for the new issue of Glamour magazine, Maisie explained that she’s met “incredible” women over the years who have all taught her about body positivity, though also admitted it can be hard as an actress not to judge yourself.


“I don’t know that you can ever really get away from the intense pressure of body image when you’re an actor,” the 21-year-old sighed. “It was something I never cared about. I never thought I was fat until I became an actor – and I’m not fat! I don’t know any young woman that I’ve spoken to in this industry who hasn’t struggled one way or another with their appearance. I just think it’s very hard to escape.

“Especially when you get down to the final three for a role. You can all be really talented, but ultimately it comes down to the way you look. It’s hard not to obsess over that. I try to nip it in the bud because it’s self-destructive.”

For the article, Maisie, who took in the Coach, Stella McCartney, and Thom Browne shows during Fashion Month, poses with her best friend, and Game of Thrones co-star, Sophie Turner, in a range of high-fashion looks.

She also showed off her pink hair, after hitting the dye bottle late last year.