Maisie Williams defends Game of Thrones against misogyny claims

Maisie Williams doesn’t agree with critics who brand Game of Thrones misogynistic.

The actress has played Arya Stark on the HBO series since 2011, and though the show has become a worldwide hit, some have criticised it for its use of female nudity and sexual violence towards women. However, Maisie has insisted that the female characters are the ones with the power.

“For me, (Game of Thrones) is a medieval world in which women don’t have a lot of rights, and yet they still prevail,” she said in a chat with Elle U.K. “And this final season is going to be incredible. It just feels great being on set with all these girls. They’re all ruling, you know, they’re all back on top – it’s pretty impressive.”


The fantasy drama – which also stars Sophie Turner, Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey – will reach its conclusion next year (19). Now that filming has wrapped, Maisie will be making her stage debut in I and You in London, and is also set to star in The New Mutants: the thirteenth installment in the X-Men film series. She may only be 21 years old, but Maisie is adamant that her age will not determine future roles.

“I’m still young but I could play a 21-year-old with their own family – getting offered that sort of part is very intriguing,” she considered. “More recently, I’ve been reading scripts of 16-year-old characters and thinking, these are complex girls I couldn’t have played when I was 16, but now I can really get into their psyche.”

I and You premieres on 18 October at London’s Hampstead Theatre.