Madonna uses a facial roller to tackle cellulite

Madonna relies on her new facial roller to help banish unwanted cellulite.

The pop legend has also become something of a skincare guru since launching her business MDNA Skin in 2014. She’s most recently added the Onyx Black beauty roller to her product selection after lamenting that she “wasn’t happy or satisfied” with the current crop of rollers on the market, and has found many different uses for her own version.

“I use it for massage, if my quadriceps or hamstrings are tight. I also use it to work on cellulite on the back of my legs,” she outlined in an interview for WWD. “I use it for neck massage on the side of the neck when my neck is stiff and then, of course, I use it on my jawline and my cheekbones for firming. And to help penetrate specific products that I want to sink deeper into my skin.”


The battery-free product, comes in a liquid-like silver hue with two carbon balls attached.

Typically, the 60-year-old will make use of her Onyx Black roller twice a week, especially when she’s tired or hasn’t had time to have a weekly facial, and admitted that she tries her products out “on anybody who walks in the door,” – including her younger children who “think (the beauty roller is) their toy.”

Madonna has also previously opened up about her plans to launch a men’s grooming line, but is adamant that MDNA is not a gender-specific brand in her eyes.

“I think men like it just as much as women,” the Like a Virgin hitmaker insisted. “I would like to create some very specific products for men in the future. I do see that happening ‘cause I know a lot of men like the skin-care line, so that’s definitely in the future.”

And when asked how she’d like her clients to feel after using her line, the music icon replied: “tight and lifted and snatched.”

The Onyx Black debuted in Japan and will be released in the U.S. on Tuesday (02Oct18) via, and select Barneys New York locations.