Lucy Hale: ‘Wellness fads don’t work for me’

Lucy Hale doesn’t buy into wellness fads because they aren’t satisfying.

The Pretty Little Liars actress once tried to do a celery juice cleanse, as it is said to help detoxify the liver and aid better digestion, but she soon discovered that trends like the cleanse don’t work in the long-term, so she would rather just live as healthy as possible.

“I tried a celery juice cleanse – those fads don’t work for me. They don’t taste good, aren’t satisfying, and are hard to stick to long term,” she told “I just try to be generally healthy, but for me, that means switching it up.”


The 30-year-old, who will soon be starring in Riverdale spin-off Katy Keene, also tries to get a workout in every morning because it helps “clear my head and set the tone for the day”.

She sees exercise as her form of self-care and she prefers spinning, circuit training, and strength training, while she enjoys high-intensity interval training (HIIT) since it leaves her feeling “sweaty and accomplished”.

“It may sound cliche but exercising really helps me relax and puts me in a good mindset to tackle my day,” the star explained. “Fitness has made me more focused, confident, and brings balance to my life.”

When she’s not filming, Lucy’s morning routine also includes grabbing a coffee and walking her dog, and she tries to fit in a meditation session to start the day off right.

“Making time to meditate has really helped me cope with my anxiety. Preferably, I try to do this in the morning to set the right intention for my day,” she continued. “But if that isn’t feasible based on my schedule, I will step away and give myself five minutes alone to regroup whenever I am feeling anxious or overwhelmed.”