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Lucy Hale holds her breath to apply stinky skincare products

Actress Lucy Hale exposes her face to wretched-smelling skincare products every single day.

The Truth or Dare star is acne prone and she utilises a toner on a regular basis that effectively staves off pimples, even though it absolutely reeks.

“I’m obsessed with the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50,” she tells Marie Claire magazine. “I know a lot of people know about it and like it, but I just recently started using it, and I love it.

“We all use a lot of the wrong products for our skin type, and this toner helps balance out your face to get your skin to look how it looked as a child.

“It smells awful – like really, really intense – but it’s worth it; my pores are smaller, there’s more clarity, and my skin looks better overall.”

Lucy, 28, will always go the extra mile to keep her skin clear and has tested out some products that others may be too scared to try.

“Retinol has been the biggest game-changing product for me, but you’ve got to be consistent with it, even when your skin flakes at first,” she shares, noting it normally “takes months to work”.

“I’m really breakout-prone, and retinol keeps my skin really clear, because it helps speed up cell turnover to prevent build-up in your pores,” she adds. “I mix my retinol with my moisturiser and use it only three nights a week.”

Although the former Pretty Little Liars star is willing to take risks with skincare, when it comes to hair and makeup, she prefers to keep it quick and chic.

“I would try to keep it fast and classic,” Lucy says. “I would pull my hair into a sleek ponytail, then slick down the flyaways with a gloss. “(I prefer) really clean skin, a very minimal eye, and a really good brick-red lipstick. I really love the matte red lip I get from Nars Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil, or I’d use MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick, which I know everybody also loves.”


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