Lucy Davis sued by tenants over ‘rat-infested’ home – report

Lucy Davis is being sued by her former tenants over the “rat-infested” home she rented out in New York.

Lucy, who plays Aunt Hilda in the Netflix show, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, has been accused of letting a family live in a property that was in severe disrepair, according to legal documents obtained by The Blast.

Madeleine Harmon and Vincent Cammarata claimed they and their two children, rented the home in Larchmont, Westchester, last year (18), and paid six months worth of rent up front, totalling $46,000 (£35,000).


However, upon moving in, the couple allegedly found issues including a dangerous rat, bug and insect infestation, extremely overgrown trees and bushes, and rotten wooden beams.

They also claimed there was a “seriously neglected, unmaintained, and infectious pool and jacuzzi”.

Among the accusations, the couple also reported rats and bugs were frequently entering their young daughter’s bedroom through the overgrown foliage.

In another incident, Harmon allegedly scaled Davis’ roof, and placed her foot on a piece of “illegally attached latticework” that broke away and caused her to fall “fifteen feet to the ground below.”

The legal documents claim that she suffered a fractured pelvis, four herniated discs in her neck, two herniated discs in her back, severe head and brain trauma, a collapsed lung, a torn lip labrum and painful bruising along the left side of her body.

Harmon said she now suffers from seizures, memory loss problems, vision problems and extreme pain.

The family’s lawsuit, filed by attorney Greg Kirakosian in Los Angeles, is a cross-complaint after Davis sued to evict them from her home.

The Wonder Woman star, 45, claims they violated their agreement by trimming bushes themselves, and also claims they fell behind on payments.

According to The Blast, Davis has denied the accusations levelled against her.