Louis Tomlinson maintains relationship with ex One Direction bandmates

Louis Tomlinson maintains a “proper nice” relationship with his former One Direction bandmates.

The 27-year-old singer has launched a solo career since the boyband went on hiatus in 2016. And while each of the members have gone their separate ways since One Direction called time on their group, they still stay in touch.

“I spoke to him (Liam Payne) a couple days after his birthday actually. I’m not going to lie, I was actually really busy on the day, I missed his birthday. But to be fair to Liam, he’s proper sound,” Louis said during an interview on Hits Radio Breakfast. “I just rang him the next day, explained and he was cool. Liam’s probably the one I’ve spoken to most recently.


“Before his birthday I’ve been chatting to him a bit on the phone when I’ve had some time in L.A. and I’ve been getting up proper jet-lagged so I give Liam a ring just to catch up with him, and I’ve seen Niall (Horan) at Glastonbury. I’ve not seen Harry (Styles) for a while but I’ve been in contact with him, you know, recently so – it’s proper nice. Proper nice.”

Louis has also been keeping up with the goings on in his former bandmates’ lives – including any appearance changes. As for Harry’s recent haircut, which caused a storm online, the star approves.

“Yeah yeah, I’ve seen he’s cut his hair, yeah it suits him. He looks alright, he looks good doesn’t he?” he smiled.