Lizzo candidly discusses body insecurities

Lizzo often feels insecure about her teeth and hair but is slowly learning to love all aspects of herself.

The Juice hitmaker is a body positivity role model, wears eye-catching outfits during her performances, sings about self-love in her hit songs, and shares empowering posts on Instagram.

However, Lizzo has now candidly discussed her insecurities in an interview with Refinery29 and confessed she has always struggled with her teeth and natural hair.


“I’ve been slowly learning how to completely love myself,” the 31-year-old shared. “I love my jiggly arms, but I also have insecurities about my teeth and hair. In order to truly love myself, I have to really love every single thing. Hair is the final frontier for me. If I didn’t love that, I would be a liar. I wouldn’t truly, actually love myself. Even the things that people would think I would be insecure about, I find beauty, strength, and courage in.”

And as her career takes off, the star is becoming more even more confident, especially as she sees her music as a “celebration of beauty”.

“I promise you, I will change as much as you will,” Lizzo, real name Melissa Jefferson, explained. “When you’re listening to my music, you’re listening to stories of evolution. My songs are a celebration of the beauty in self. I sing actual things that happen to me – things we’ll say when we’re partying, when we’re drunk, when we’re crying, things I say in the mirror. I’m just trying to live a better life and a more beautiful life.”