Liv Tyler would have been a facialist if she didn’t pursue acting

Liv Tyler is certain she would have been a facialist if she didn’t get into acting.

The Leftovers actress has long had an interest in beauty products, having been fascinated by her mother and grandmother’s respective routines, and also served as a brand ambassador for Givenchy’s perfume and cosmetics for a decade beginning in 2003.

In a new tutorial for, Liv shared that she enjoys trying out new formulas and has a very dedicated daily regime.


“My secret obsession and passion of my whole life has been skincare. I think I would have become a facialist if I didn’t start acting,” she smiled.

Liv went on to detail the key products she uses and praised Astara’s Blue Flame Purification Mask, Avene’s Extremely Rich Compensating Cream, and Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum. But the star swears by regular use of Talika’s Eye Therapy Patches too.

“One great trick, if you get puffy eyes, which I get whenever I eat anything with salt in it, or when I’m flying or anything, is to put this sort of eye-patchy things under your eyes. I keep mine in the fridge. And sometimes on set, if I have a really early pick-up, like a 5.30 am pickup which is really brutal… I wear these to work sometimes in the car,” the 42-year-old commented.

Elsewhere in the video, Liv explained that she can do up to 25 steps in her beauty regime, with other notable products in her bathroom cabinet including Visine’s Original Redness Relief Eye Drops, Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Glow Drops, Rodial’s Diamond Liquid Concealer, and Rodin’s Face Oil.

Yet, at the end of the day, the mother-of-three believes abiding by a healthy lifestyle is just as important when it comes to caring for the complexion.

“Water is a huge important factor in having good skin. I know everybody says that but sleep and water maybe are the most important things,” she stated. “Then, I make this crazy green juice which is hard if you don’t have time… this one has celery and cucumber, a little bit of apple, some spinach or kale. Green things, your body loves green things.”