Little Mix: ‘We used to look cheap and tacky’


Little Mix have admitted the make-up they wore at the start of their career made them look “cheap and tacky”.

The British girl group – comprised of Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jesy Nelson – spoke about how their look has evolved during an interview on British show This Morning, and admitted they used to wear too much make-up because they were insecure about their looks when they first found fame on The X Factor in 2011.

“We went from really young fresh girls not really wearing much make-up, maybe a little foundation on the lip when it was in, to then being really heavy and looking way older. We looked way beyond our years,” explained 26-year-old Perrie, while Jesy added, “We looked very cheap and tacky.”

“We just felt more secure with lots and lots of make-up on. I do really just think that we’ve got better at knowing what we suit, and we don’t feel the need to pile it on anymore,” Perrie continued.

Leigh-Anne also recalled how she struggled so much with her self-confidence that she once refused to get out of the car on a visit to the supermarket because she wasn’t wearing any make-up.

“Do you remember when we went to (supermarket) Asda all together and I wouldn’t get out of the car?” she asked the girls, recalling a moment from seven years ago.

“Yes, I remember that,” replied Perrie. “Was it because you didn’t have any make-up on? As if anyone in there cares anyway… That was nuts! Barefaced beauty over here!”

“I can’t believe I used to think like that, because now I way prefer my face just bare,” sighed Leigh-Anne, as Perrie added that feeling more secure about your looks comes with “age and confidence”.

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