Liam Payne trained hard to get in shape for Hugo Boss underwear campaign

Liam Payne spent 90 per cent of his time in the gym over the past year to prepare for his Hugo Boss shoot.

The Strip That Down hitmaker recently shot a sizzling partially nude ad campaign for Hugo Boss underwear, something the 26-year-old had dreamed of to motivate himself while in the gym.

“Before we landed the deal with Hugo I’d gone into my gym and said, ‘I’m going to get an underwear commercial.’ I just wanted to do it; I knew I could do it. And then it actually happened! And I worked my a*s off and I’m still hitting the gym: I didn’t realise once you get on that thing you can’t really turn it off,” he told GQ Hype magazine.


The father-of-one revealed that he was at the gym for “90 per cent” of his time in an effort to look super ripped for the shoot with model Stella Maxwell, and the results have given him more self-confidence.

“It’s been a lot of training and being an athlete and working out – it became 90 per cent of my job for the best part of a year leading up to that shoot, which was crazy,” he explained. “Come 2019 everyone’s a lot more open about body image and I wanted to get in shape. Not to show off my body to anyone else, I just knew that’s what would give the confidence on set. I didn’t want to arrive not ready and not looking like I’d worked hard to get there.”

The former One Direction singer also opened up on his decision to go sober for a year, confessing it was hard on his social life.

“I was the biggest recluse on the planet. I would get up at 5am and go running in the park, but at night I would be in bed by 7pm. Is that a way to live your life?” he candidly shared.