Lewis Capaldi desperate to hug Noel Gallagher and end war of words

Pop star Lewis Capaldi was hoping to hug Noel Gallagher at Spain’s Mad Cool Festival on Thursday night (11Jul19) after the former Oasis rocker poked fun at the singer and his native Scotland.

Undaunted by Noel’s less than positive take on his music, the young British chart-topper was keen to meet the guitarist and give him a “big kiss”.

Speaking ahead of his performance in Spain, where he’s on the same bill as Gallagher, Lewis insisted Noel would love a get together.


This came after the outspoken former Oasis songwriter urged Capaldi to “enjoy his 15 minutes” of fame, and called the Scot “f**king Chewbacca”.

Onstage in Madrid on Thursday, Capaldi joked about Noel’s comments, telling fans, “Do you like rock and roll? Well, you’ve come to the wrong f**king place. Chewbacca himself is gonna give you some sad sad music,” before revealing he would be backstage for Gallagher’s set later on in the day.

“I’d love to see him and give him a big hug and a big kiss. I’m sure he’d love it!” he said. “I’m gonna see if I can get side of stage, and I’m gonna shout ‘Noel!’ I’m gonna wave at him.”

Capaldi also changed his name on Twitter to ‘Chewis Capaldi’, complete with a brand new profile picture.

“He says I look like Chewbacca, which is cool I guess!” the singer wrote. “I mean I like Chewbacca, he’s much taller than I am and he’s probably got a much bigger penis. So I don’t actually know where that’s come from in a sense that I’m not a seven foot alien beast, but I’ll take it.”

The feud began when Gallagher took aim at Capaldi and his music in a new Variety interview. The Scot said that “being slagged off by a man who is old enough to be my Da (father)” was a dream come true”, telling fans, “Try very, very hard, write songs every day, play gigs every single day, and one day you too can achieve the dream that I achieved, of having Noel Gallagher slag you off!”

As well as calling the singer Chewbacca, Noel also poked fun at his native Scotland, calling it “a third world country”.

Capaldi played the clip ahead of his performance at the Glastonbury festival last month (Jun19).