Lea Michele feared for her job after Ryan Murphy caught her fooling around on Glee set

Lea Michele has recalled fearing for her job after she and he co-stars were caught fooling around by showrunner Ryan Murphy on the set of Glee.

The actress/singer looked back on her time on the show alongside former co-stars Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz on their new Showmance podcast.

Opening up on the 2009 pilot episode of the musical comedy series, the trio recalled being disciplined by Murphy as they filmed a pivotal scene where cast mate Matthew Morrison had to get emotional, and they were all goofing around and “humping each other”.


Recalling “the voice of God” Murphy told them to, “Stop f**king around,” Lea explained: “He didn’t scream… We worked so hard to learn Don’t Stop Believin, so finally we shot it, we did our coverage…

“So then they turn the camera around on Matt and we just think, ‘Now we can totally f**k around.’ And as Matt‘s watching us, we were legit humping each other and Ryan comes over and says in that deep voice, ‘Matthew Morrison has to produce tears right now. You have to do the number exactly how you did it.’”

She added, “I didn’t even think. Oh, of course, we should do our f**king jobs,” as Kevin chimed in, “I was so scared. I was like, ‘We’re all getting fired. I’m getting fired.’”

The high school series was a massive hit on Fox, and ran for six seasons before wrapping in 2015.