Laverne Cox blown away by Offset’s blunt smoking at New York Fashion Week

Actress Laverne Cox was left shocked and speechless when she spotted Offset sparking a blunt in the front row of a New York Fashion Week show.

The Orange is the New Black star was sitting next to the Migos rapper and his fiancee Cardi B at the Prabal Gurung show last month (Feb18) and the transgender beauty alleges she got more than she bargained for while scoping the designer’s latest threads with her celebrity pals.

“All of the sudden I see smoke in the air and I smell weed,” she tells People while detailing her experience in the middle of the runway show. “I look over and Offset, Cardi’s fiance, has lit a blunt (sic). He’s smoking a blunt front row at New York Fashion Week!


“I was like, ‘That is very rock ‘n’ roll and that is awesome’. Legalisation (of marijuana), right…? Cardi, I hope you don’t mind!”

Meanwhile, Laverne reveals she has always been inspired by celebrities’ historic fashion moments, noting Halle Berry’s Oscars outing in an Elie Saab gown when she won her Academy Award in 2002 for Monster’s Ball changed the style game for her.

“I recently met her (Berry) for the first time and I was telling her how she has been such an influence to me, and I didn’t realise it was big for me, (but) I started getting teary,” she tells Us Weekly. “Her Oscar moment in this (Elie Saab) dress changed my life as a black actress, as someone who wanted to create a space for myself in this industry. She made history in this dress.”