Lady Gaga ‘not interested’ in making money from Haus Laboratories

Lady Gaga is “not interested” in making money from her first-ever make-up collection, Haus Laboratories.

The Grammy Award-winning singer is gearing up to launch her beauty line on Amazon in September. While the Born This Way hitmaker got an investor for the company, Gaga has now insisted she isn’t bothered about the financial side of her business.

“I’m not interested in just building out a giant brand and making a bunch of money and selling it; this is my baby,” the 33-year-old told WWD. “I joke about it with my CEO, Ben Jones, all the time. I’m like, ‘You’re going to be prying this company from my cold dead fingers if you ever want to sell it.'”


Gaga hinted at the possibility of a full make-up collection being released in the near future, but for now, she’s more concerned with ensuring her brand is fully inclusive and represents real beauty.

“I see something happening in the world where I think a lot of people feel a pressure to look a certain type of way,” the A Star Is Born actress explained. “Either to look like someone else or to be so precise with their make-up and look so airbrushed and (perfect on) social media to fit in and to be considered beautiful, and I really want to take that idea, and I want to smash it.”

Haus Laboratories will debut the first three products – RIP Lip Liner, Le Riot Lip Gloss and Glam Attack all-over shimmer powder – on Amazon for fans to pre-order on 15 July.

To start, the items come in a collection format – priced at $49 (£39) for lip gloss, lip liner and shimmer powder – with six different themes.

There is the Haus of Chained Ballerina collection, which Gaga said was inspired by dancers, the Haus of Goddess, Haus of Rockstar, Haus of Dynasty, Haus of Metalhead, and Haus of Rose B**ch.