Kristen Stewart impressed Personal Shopper costume designer


Kristen Stewart likes to understand the clothes she’s wearing while in character.

The American actress, who’s also the face of Chanel, has had a varied career in front of the camera, playing everything from a vampire to Snow White. In her latest movie, Personal Shopper, she stars as a personal shopper, though most of her wardrobe is pretty low-key. “Kristen is amazing,” the film’s costume designer Jurgen Doering beamed to Vogue. “She’s very cool in the clothes. For me, it’s really easy to work with her, now that I know her (from Clouds of Sils Maria), and she trusts me. She’s so chic—you can take her anywhere, and she really wants to understand (the clothes).”

Away from filming, the 26-year-old often works with Chanel head Karl Lagerfeld, and has become known for her edgy styling on the red carpet.

Despite her style credentials, Jurgen says the star is totally down to earth when it comes to her on set wardrobe. “She always asks what I think, what I might propose, and then we have a real talk about it,” he shrugged. “She’s not high maintenance at all—she’s very sexy. She has this big contract (with Chanel) and dresses for her job on the red carpet, but in the film, she looks like a student in sweaters and jeans. “Everything had to feel credible.” The Olivier Assayas mystery thriller, centred on a ghost story that takes place in the fashion underworld of Paris, is out now.

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