Kristen Bell surprised by high school drama teacher during TV appearance

Kristen Bell struggled to contain her emotions as she was surprised by her high school drama teacher and classmate during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Tuesday.

The actress was on the chat show to promote her new Disney+ reality show Encore, which reunites adults who acted in high school with their former drama teachers to put on one last show, when host Kelly dropped the bombshell that she had two surprise guests backstage.

As Kristen looked on in bemusement and then amazement, her teacher Ms. Rashid and pal Katie Ellis emerged from behind the scenes.


After embracing the pair, the 39-year-old sat between them on the couch, as Kelly asked the trio about their time at the drama school.

Recalling her time under Ms. Rashid’s tutelage, Kristen credited the teacher for lighting “a match under my butt”.

She also said that she was delighted to have had the chance to reunite with her teacher, because for many students, a drama teacher is the “closest thing to another parent” that they’ll have.

As for her memories of Kristen, Ms. Rashid said: “My favourite memory, this is the truth, when we were doing Lady Be Good and you doing this on the couch with John Murphy, who was like channelling John Cleese, and all of a sudden you had to get up and do some stuff and you just took the direction so perfectly.

“I love when the light bulb comes on for kids, and you made that entire cast stop and I thought that’s just what they need, to see a 15-year-old pro.”

Kristen has become one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses in recent years, starring in TV shows such as The Good Place and films including Bad Moms and Frozen 2.