Kourtney Fit And Fab at 40: Here’s How

So Kourtney is hitting the big 4-0, but looks like she’s 20! So how does she do it? Not by sitting on the couch eating ice cream, that’s for sure. The truth is to keep your body looking this healthy, toned and fit at 40, you have to put in the hard work. No two ways about it!

So let’s see what Kourtney does to keep in shape:

  1. Trainer Don Brooks  told E!News he has a method she followed called the ‘Don-A-Matrix Method, which is set up to resemble a sports game format consisting of four quarters. Each quarter has three sets of two different exercises, combined with rest or relief periods after each quarter. We use the resist-a-bands a lot—the bands are very effective for toning without bulking or injury’. The workout involves strength-training exercises combined with cardio moves. The reality star also exercises with  battle ropes, BOSU balls, and a TRX suspension trainer.

2. Another of Kourtney’s trainers, Amanda Lee, says she does a lot of ‘HIIT workouts and lunges and squats’.

3. Boxing is another favourite total body workout activity which Kourtney embraces.

4. Kourtney says she benefits hugely from motivation from her sisters, who often train with her. She told E!News: “I know for my body, I need four to five days a week of working out. Khloe and I really push each other to do that.”

5. Kourtney doesn’t only exercise in a gym environment – she gets outdoors too.

Combining a fun outdoor activity with keeping fit is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy body, especially if you hate the gym.

Kourtney skis, hikes, cycles, paddleboards and more, especially when she travels.

6. And last but not least, diet wise she sticks to an organic, dairy-free keto diet. And foods like avocado, wholegrain porridge, collagen supplements and apple cider vinegar are what she swears by to keep her looking so youthful and fresh.

While Kourtney has personal trainers and chefs at her beck and call, there’s no reason why if you follow a lifestyle of generally healthy eating and exercising, avoid smoking and too much alcohol, you too can have a body that is happy and fit! Here’s to looking good in your later years!

Happy birthday Kourtney!


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