King of Pop’s goddaughter refuses to watch damning documentary

Michael Jackson’s goddaughter has no intention of watching the King of Pop’s damning Leaving Neverland documentary because she’s convinced it’s full of bogus sexual abuse claims.

Lucy Lester, who is the daughter of Oliver! star Mark Lester, insists there’s no doubt in her mind Jackson is innocent of charges made against him by Wade Robson and James Safechuck in Dan Reed’s controversial new film.

Breaking her silence about the documentary, which was released earlier this year (19), Lester told U.K. talk show Loose Women she believes Jackson’s accusers are chasing financial gain.


“I do believe Michael… has a very innocent mind (sic),” she said. “I can only talk about my experiences… how I felt with him.

“I haven’t watched it (documentary). I don’t really feel like I need to; my opinion is not going to be swayed by a documentary. I don’t really want to listen to it.

“The man that they are they describing in the allegations, that is not the man that I knew, it’s not my godfather, my dad’s best friend of 30-plus years.”

And responding to criticism linked to Jackson’s penchant for sharing his bed with young boys, Lucy added, “Of course, in this day and age, an adult sharing a bed with a child, you would look and think there is something wrong with it, but the problem with Michael… He was innocent, he was like a child, to him it was nothing more than two children having a sleepover.

“The fact that he was so open and honest about it showed that there was no malicious intent behind it… He never understood why people would view him in that way.”

Recalling the first time she met Michael when she was 12, the Brit explains, “Every time he was in London, he would phone my dad and say ‘Come out with the kids’. We would just stay somewhere in London with him.

“It’s only now, looking back, that we realised how almost surreal our experience was… People have this persona of him, this eccentric man. To be honest, behind closed doors, he is so down to earth, so genuine, loving and caring. He is a big family man (sic).”

Lucy also addressed long-standing rumours that her father is actually Paris Jackson’s biological dad, adding, “Michael will always be her dad. Biologically or not, Michael raised her, loved her, that’s all that really matters.”