Kim Kardashian ‘wouldn’t give up’ Paris robbery experience

Kim Kardashian “wouldn’t give up” her Paris robbery experience because she learned lessons from it.

The 38-year-old reality star was robbed of almost $10 million (£7.8 million) in jewellery, some of which she had flaunted on social media, during Paris Fashion Week in October 2016, when thieves broke into her apartment in the French capital, “wrapped duct tape over her eyes and mouth” and held her at gunpoint.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star recalled the incident on Sunday’s episode of E! True Hollywood Story, and revealed she was convinced she was going to die in that moment.


“It was the scariest thing I’ve ever been through in my entire life, just thinking that, you know, you’re about to die,” she shared. “You’re just kind of bracing yourself for the moment that they’re going to shoot you and kill you. That 10 minutes really changed my whole life.”

Calling the event “truly the scariest experience”, Kim went on to reflect on the changes she’s made in her life since the ordeal, adding: “There’s those moments in your life that really change you and shake you to your core, and my robbery was definitely that moment for me.

“As crazy as this sounds, I wouldn’t give up that experience for the lessons I learned from it… Material things used to be so important to me, but there is nothing material that is important to me (now).”

When Kim freed herself from her restraints, she called her sister Kourtney, who was also in the French capital and remembered the moment during the show.

“My legs went out,” Kourtney recalled. “I fell to the floor. Kim was really, really shaken up. We just did all the work that she had to do with the police and got out of there.”