Kim Kardashian won’t wear ‘puffy’ headbands

Kim Kardashian isn’t a fan of the trend for “puffy” headbands.

The reality TV star has access to all of the world’s top designers and is often seen rocking the latest style trends on the red carpet.

However, in a new video for Harper’s Bazaar, Kim explained that one fad she simply can’t support is big headbands.


“I love a flat stretchy headband. I think it’s more flattering to the face,” she said. “The big, puffy headbands that I’ve been seeing, I wanna like them ’cause I do like accessories, but I just haven’t seen one on anyone that I really like. So, not approved by KKW.”

Kim went on to note that she doesn’t like the trend for bucket hats or pistachio green outfits either, but is surprisingly open to the idea of trying denim underwear.

“I would say only for a photoshoot or an Instagram pic,” the 38-year-old mused. “Or you know what? Not as real underwear (but) if you’ve got the legs and you wanna wear it with a shirt, I’m not opposed to it, I just don’t really have the legs for it, so I couldn’t wear it like that. But I applaud anyone that does. So, I’m like hung jury here.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Kim shared that she still likes cardigans and denim-on-denim outfits but is less convinced by the current trend for milkmaid-inspired dress, labelling them as “too kitschy”. And she won’t ever be seen in a maxi dress.

“I’ve never really been into a maxi dress. But I get that they’re important. It’s an important staple on people’s closets. I’m not the biggest print person, so again, I get it’s important, and I think it looks really cute on other people. But for me, I’m just way more simple,” she insisted.