Kim Kardashian was sent to make-up school as a teenager

Kim Kardashian was once given make-up lessons for Christmas as a teenager.

The reality star is a big player in the beauty industry having launched her own highly successful cosmetics company KKW Beauty in 2017, which has attracted the custom of millions of beauty junkies around the world. And during her childhood, her strong interest in make-up did not go unnoticed by her father Robert Kardashian, who passed away in 2003.

To celebrate the festivities, he once gifted his daughter with lessons at the Joe Blasco make-up school in Hollywood.


“He said, ‘If you girls are going to wear make-up, I don’t want you to look crazy,'” Kim shared in an interview with U.S. Vogue. “I was obsessed. When I was fourteen, I was into black eyeliner, and my lip was, like, chocolate brown with a burgundy tone.”

Though the 37-year-old rocked a fully made-up face at the weekends, it was a different story Monday to Friday when she attended the all-girl Marymount High School in Los Angeles foundation free.

“I was pretty simple,” she recalled of her “preppy schoolgirl” look at the time. “I stuck to the rules, except for my really short skirt – I was always getting into trouble for that.”

In spite of her expertise, Kim has still experienced occasional beauty fails – most notably at the 2016 Met Gala.

“I went in Balmain, and I was like, O.K., I’m going to do my brows lighter,” she explained. “But I still hadn’t lost all the baby weight (after giving birth to Saint, her two-year-old son with husband Kanye West), and I just shouldn’t have been experimenting. It would’ve looked beautiful if my brows were just normal!”