Kim Kardashian loves to research cosmetic surgery procedures

Kim Kardashian is so knowledgeable about cosmetic surgery that she’s become a go-to expert for her famous friends.

The reality TV star loves to spend her free time trawling through the social media accounts of cosmetic and plastic surgeons, as well as researching different procedures, and now has such in-depth knowledge of the topic that she is often asked for her advice by A-list celebrities.

“The Instagram accounts from surgeons are something that I love to go through,” she told New York Magazine. “I love to research every single procedure to know exactly what’s out there. And people call me all the time, like really famous people, out of the blue and are like, ‘I know we don’t know each other, but I’ve heard you’re the expert and I’m looking to do x, y, and z. Who would you recommend?’ And I’ll be like, ‘Actually, I’ve just researched this!'”


The 39-year-old didn’t divulge if she had undergone any treatments herself, although she has been accused of getting a nose job, breast enhancement, and facial fillers over the years. She famously had an X-ray taken of her bottom on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians to prove she doesn’t have implants.

However, Kim revealed she often meets with cosmetic doctors to get advice on what to have done when she’s older.

“I’ll meet with doctors and be like, ‘So when I’m 50, do you think my neck is going to, (be) like …? What’s the best way to do it?'” the mother-of-four admitted.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kim shared that she wears a robe “24/7” when she’s at home because she’s always glammed up when she’s outside and has worn the same two or three pairs of pyjamas so much that they have holes in them.