Kim Kardashian likes to use shapewear if she’s gained weight

Kim Kardashian uses shapewear to help her feel good about her body when she’s gained a few pounds.

The KKW Beauty mogul, who recently discussed gaining 18 pounds in the last year, told People magazine that wearing structured underwear improves how she feels about herself when she’s having an off day.

“It makes you not be so hard on yourself,” Kim said of her shapewear line SKIMS. “I feel good when I’m in the gym and when I’m eating good but then if I have a few months when I’m eating cookies and cake and a bunch of stuff, I still want to feel confident when I have to go out.”


And the mother-of-four still wants to look sexy in solutionwear, despite it traditionally looking stuffy and old-fashioned.

“If women can feel confident and comfortable in shapewear that’s a little bit more modern and not so old school and grandma-looking, then that is my goal. They look good and they’re still sexy!” Kim laughed.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star told People that one of the reasons she created SKIMS was because she wanted women to have a more comfortable alternative to bulky or restrictive undergarments.

“Everything I would wear was too restricting. I felt like there was a way to engineer fabric to lift, but also be comfortable,” she explained.

Kim was also baffled that nobody else had decided to create a line of shapewear that featured a variety of different nude colours to suit different skin tones.

“It’s so crazy that it hadn’t been done before,” Kim shared, noting that her SKIMS line features nine different shades. “My nude isn’t the same as everyone’s nude. And if I was tan, I couldn’t find a colour that matched. I just had to find a solution.”