Kim Kardashian is always early for eyebrow appointments

Kim Kardashian is always punctual when it comes to her eyebrow appointments with beauty mogul Anastasia Soare.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills founder personally tends to Kim’s brows, but told People magazine that her A-list client is never hard work when she stops by for a treatment.

“She comes to my house in the morning, but she doesn’t have any crazy requests,” she smiled. “I have to say, she is one of the most professional clients I work with. If she says, ‘I will be there at 9 am,’ she will be there at 8:55 am. I do all of (the Kardashian-Jenners) and it’s crazy how all of them are so on time and professional. I have to say Kris Jenner really taught all those girls well. They’re like army generals. They know exactly what they have to do.”


Romania-born Anastasia’s other famous clients include former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, and Amal Clooney.

Talking about how she got her big break in beauty, the self-made billionaire claimed it was all thanks to a set of supermodels.

“I was fresh off the boat from Romania, and one of my clients was the agent to all of the ‘90s supermodels: Gail Elliott, Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Cindy Crawford. I had no idea who these girls were!” she laughed. “They were so gorgeous, absolutely the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life.

“Then Michelle Pfeiffer and Faye Dunaway started to become regular clients. It was all word of mouth, how everything got started. I was so lucky in the beginning to work with so many celebrities. They validated my work. Because of them, everybody else started looking into eyebrows.”