Kim Kardashian appeals to Texas Governor to halt Death Row execution

Kim Kardashian has called on the Governor of Texas to intervene in the case of a Death Row prisoner scheduled to be executed on Tuesday.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and prison reform advocate, who is studying for a law degree, has been championing calls to review evidence in the case of Ruben Gutierrez, who was convicted of stabbing an elderly woman to death in a robbery in 1999.

Lawyers for Gutierrez, who maintains his innocence, have been seeking DNA testing to be conducted on the murder victim’s body, after claiming authorities failed to run tests at the time, and used the argument as part of their basis for requesting a stay of execution.


However, their request was denied on Friday, and now, Kardashian is voicing her support for Gutierrez by pleading with Governor Greg Abbott to step in.

“Ruben Gutirrez (sic) has been on death row for over 20 years for a murder he said he did not commit,” she posted on Twitter on Sunday. “He has always maintained his innocence and has made requests to get DNA collected from the body of the victim tested to prove that he did not kill an 85 yr old woman during a robbery (sic).

“He is scheduled to be executed on Tuesday. Governor @GregAbbott_TX, we must get DNA collected from the body and do a full review before a man can be executed.”

Governor Abbott has not yet responded to Kardashian’s public appeal.