Kim Kardashian and Kanye West visit freed prisoner

Kim Kardashian has made a surprise visit to one of the prisoners she recently helped to set free.

On Tuesday (07May19), reports emerged that the reality TV star had quietly paid for her lawyers to negotiate the release of 17 inmates who were serving time for minor drug offences, following her successful recent efforts with Jeffrey Stringer and Alice Marie Johnson, who had both been serving life sentences behind bars following decades-old convictions.

Hours after the news hit headlines, Kim and her husband Kanye West appeared on the doorstep of Paul Algarin’s family home in Charlotte, North Carolina to see what else they could do to help him get his life back on track.


His sister, Azaria Algarin, tells TMZ her twin brother had been serving time at the state’s Central Prison when he heard about Kim’s prison reform advocacy and requested her address so he could send her a letter detailing his own case.

Azaria didn’t think the letter would even be read by the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, but she was proved wrong last month (Apr19) when Paul, who had spent seven years in prison, was among the group of inmates allowed to walk free.

They were given a further surprise on Tuesday when Kim and Kanye travelled from New York City, after attending the Met Gala on Monday, and arrived to check in on Paul, and even took the siblings and their mother to lunch.

The stars were accompanied by a doctor specialising in laser surgery for tattoo removal to help Paul get a fresh start by having an inking removed from his face. He underwent his first procedure after the lunch outing, with Kim and Kanye picking up the bill for the cosmetic process.

“Never in a million years did I think Kim would write him back (or even read his letter), fly in right after the met gala (not to mention her 4th baby is due at any minute), invest in our family & laugh / relate to us over the smallest things,” Azaria wrote in a message to TMZ.

“I’m so proud of my brother for taking steps in the right direction,” she added, before expressing her gratitude to Kim for “such a special day that I will forever cherish.”