Killing Eve costume designer loved dressing Jodie Comer’s stylish villain

by People Magazine

Killing Eve costume designer Charlotte Mitchell loved creating the indulgent outfits for Jodie Comer’s stylish assassin Villanelle.

The designer, who took over from Phoebe de Gaye on the series, worked with new screenwriter Emerald Fennell for season two of the psychological drama.

Charlotte reveals that Call the Midwife actress Emerald, who replaced Phoebe Waller-Bridge as screenwriter for the BBC show, was keen to really “indulge in the character’s love of fashion”.

“I want to push forward that Villanelle’s eclectic, she plays by her own rules and she puts her personality in what she wears,” she told “She’s impetuous and her style depends on her mood.”

The designer used Villanelle’s show-stopping gowns for scenes in which the assassin was “attention-seeking… a bit of a child,” and dressed Jodie in simple, chic outfits for when “it’s just about the scene and the dialogue”.

A vintage Thierry Mugler jumpsuit that Charlotte found in Paris was chosen for a scene when Villanelle is in business mode for its beautiful and clean lines.

“It’s not flamboyant, it’s just perfect for the moment,” she smiled.

And while Jodie has won awards for her depiction of the fashionable yet terrifying killer, it’s her beautiful wardrobe that has garnered the most attention.

“I wasn’t always trying to capture the attention of the fashion press… It’s about telling the story and the clothes being beautiful pieces, rather than ticking the boxes of labels,” Charlotte explained.

And when challenged to pick a favourite look from season two of Killing Eve, the costume designer had one immediate stand out look in mind.

“The Alexander McQueen black dress, it was an absolute treat to find. It has such drama to it. And even more so when people understand why she’s wearing it,” she shared, before revealing that she found the early Sarah Burton creation on a vintage online auction site.

“It’s perfect because it’s so Villanelle.”

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