Khloe Kardashian explains Good American’s open casting philosophy

Khloe Kardashian’s decision to hold open castings for her Good American brand stems from the very first campaign.

Khloe co-founded the denim label with British businesswoman Emma Grede in 2016, with the pair catering to all shapes and sizes.

And because Good American clothes aren’t just aimed at slim women, Khloe decided against booking their models through an agency, preferring to get real women to showcase the clothes instead.

“Well, the first year we did it was before we were even anything. I posted something on my Instagram. It was very vague, and we never identified what it was for, we just said ‘If you’re a woman and if you are confident in yourself, just show up’ and that we wanted all different shapes and sizes,” Khloe told Teen Vogue.

“So many women showed up that were authentic in their own skin and from all different walks of life. They would say, ‘We have gone to so many castings and out of everybody, (Good American) has the most positive energy.’ It was really just women empowering other women.”

As well as providing sizes that range from U.S. 00 to plus size 24, Good American also offer an in-between size of 15.

This came about, Khloe says, because they saw a need for it with the jeans being returned.

“We actually found out through trial and error because we kept getting returns and most of our return rates were between a 14 and 16,” she explained. “One of our designers, she started tailoring all of her Good American denim, and Emma was like, ‘Why are you tailoring?’ If she is tailoring a 16 down, she is not a 14 and she is not a 16. So, we did a focus group and we just paid attention.”