Kesha looks to David Bowie for style inspiration

Kesha looks to David Bowie for style and beauty inspiration.

The Tik Tok singer is known for wearing bold, colourful, and experimental make-up looks and she has taken this passion one step further by developing Kesha Rose Beauty, a collection of five eyeliners, eyeshadows, and lip products which launched last week.

When asked who she looks up to for her own style and beauty inspiration, Kesha pointed to late British music icon Bowie, who was known for his androgynous looks and wild make-up.


“I mean, obviously David Bowie was a huge inspiration with the face painting and the androgyny and the colour and never letting anyone put him in a box or define him,” she told People. “He always was so playful with clothing and in make-up and that was one of the main inspirations for the make-up line is that I really wanted to incorporate so many colours because I feel like I promised myself on the last record (2017’s Grammy Award-nominated Rainbow) I’ll find a rainbow… So, I want people to just have fun and feel good and have it not be dependent on any external ideas or philosophies or anything that satisfies anyone except for themselves.”

In a separate interview with, the 32-year-old said most of her style icons are men who rock the androgynous look and don’t conform to the norm.

“I really look to David Bowie for just about everything style and make-up-wise. I would always think, ‘Would this make David Bowie proud? Would Iggy Pop wear this?’ But when you go more classic – Grace Jones, Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot. I just love anyone who’s not afraid of colour,” Kesha shared.