Kesha: ‘I won’t be defined by what I’ve been through’

Kesha has vowed not to let her past define her future.

The Tik Tok singer has endured a difficult few years, dealing with an assault case she filed against music producer Dr. Luke, but is now doing her best to move on from the scandal. She’s set to release her fourth album, High Road, in January, and the recording is more upbeat than her last offering – 2017’s Rainbow – something she had to get her head around.

“I’ve been through things that were not all pleasant, and we all know about them,” she told Rolling Stone. “I felt a little guilty about making dance-y songs, fun songs, and songs about going out and getting drunk with my friends. And then I realised I don’t have to live under a dark cloud forever. No one’s telling me to be happy. I earned my happiness, and it’s OK to be happy. And hopefully that’s inspiring to people. I’m a survivor of s**t, but it doesn’t mean I have to be defined by what I’ve been through for the rest of my life.”


High Road will also see Kesha showcasing her rapping skills once again. While she doesn’t take herself seriously as a “rapper” per se, the 32-year-old admitted she thoroughly enjoyed flexing a different side of her talents for the upcoming record.

“I felt like it was not the right time to do that (rap) on Rainbow — I had a lot of really serious things to address on that record, and in my mind, part of the joy I didn’t deserve anymore was wrapped up in what you call rapping,” she mused. “I’ve never felt comfortable when people call me a rapper. It makes me laugh. But part of regaining my happiness was starting to talk a little s**t. I’d work with people and they’d be like, ‘There she is. There’s that b**ch.’ I realised it was making me so happy, and then it’s hopefully going to make other people happy.”