Kesha has ‘given herself permission to move on’ amid legal battle with Dr. Luke

Kesha is moving on with her life, following a time when she “thought she would never know what happiness felt like ever again”.

The star has been locked in a bitter legal battle with her longtime producer Lukasz ‘Dr. Luke’ Gottwald since 2014, claiming he sexually, physically, and emotionally abused her. He vehemently dismissed her accusations and subsequently countersued her for defamation.

While the Tik Tok hitmaker no longer works directly with Dr. Luke, Kesha is still signed to his label, Kemosabe – but that’s not stopping her from moving on from the dark phase in her life.


“I have given myself permission to grab myself by the balls again and be, ‘This is who I am, a happy person’,” she told Q magazine. “As long as I stay in the present moment I’m usually good. As soon as I think about the future, the past, it’s not good.”

Detailing her experience with the controversial producer, Kesha stated: “There are certain things in life that you may never get over. But, I don’t have to sit in my tragedy. Because that’s not where I’m at. Right now.”

“There was a time where I never thought I would know what happiness felt like ever again. But I’ve done a lot of therapy on this,” the Raising Hell hitmaker continued. “I’m allowed to have had bad things happen to me. I’m also allowed to be happy. Because f**k that. I’m alive. Life is short. And I can, although probably never get over it, move on.”

Kesha’s new collection, High Road, drops in January.