Kerry Washington: ‘Hollywood is still centred on whiteness’

Kerry Washington has insisted Hollywood executives must “do better” in the ongoing drive for diversity and equal representation.

The 43-year-old Scandal actress appeared on the Hollywood The Sequel podcast, where she opened up on the subject of race in the entertainment industry.

“We look at ourselves to get better and do better. Like, that’s the practice of self-reflection is to ask ourselves how we can do better,” Kerry shared. “So I mean, you know, even the language of inclusivity and diversity, right? When we say that we’re committed to diversity, it’s diverse from what?”


The Little Fires Everywhere star explained: “We’re still centering whiteness as the most important thing and allowing or inviting diversity around that. Or when we talk about inclusivity, there’s still an in and an out.

“So we’re still centering certain kinds of people and, you know, in tiny fractions allowing or admitting other people to the table. So there’s just so much of it that needs to be re-examined and looked at.”

Speaking amid ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, Kerry admitted that what people are realising is, that it’s not enough to just not be racist.

“We have to be actively anti-racist, and for that desire to come from a deep understanding that we all deserve full rights of humanity… Yes, all lives matter, but accepting to be in an anti-racist society, we have to affirm that Black lives matter. I think that’s where we’re at,” she insisted.

However, she remained optimistic that the ongoing social unrest will result in a positive change.

“Hope that we can see each other better and have courage to make room for each other,” she said.