Kelly Clarkson treats airplanes like her office

Pop star Kelly Clarkson relies on iPads to keep her young children occupied in the air so she can use their travel time to catch up on her work.

The Because of You hitmaker shares five-year-old daughter River and three-year-old son Remington with her husband Brandon Blackstock, while she also serves as stepmother to his two kids from a previous relationship.

As a result, Clarkson often has to juggle parenting responsibilities with her music, film, and TV work – so she tries to make the most of any downtime to check things off her to-do list.


She is well aware allowing her children extra screen time is a controversial decision, but it’s one which has helped the singer, actress, and TV personality balance her personal and professional commitments – and keep her sanity.

“I’m going to be real with you. I know there’s a lot of hippy dippy moms out there who don’t approve of iPads, and I think that’s great for them. More power to you,” she told Conde Nast Traveler. “But we definitely have iPads, because at some point travel can be total hell. Not just with kids, but in general. A flight gets delayed, things happen, weather. Just having something they can escape (with), play little games, watch movies on (is a lifesaver).”

And Clarkson, who hosts her own daytime talk show and is a coach on U.S. reality competition The Voice, has found flights to be a good opportunity to work on something new for her fans.

“I wrote a song on my last flight because my kids were like, ‘We want to watch a movie!'” she shared. “Flying is my ‘me’ time. We’re in our own worlds. I try to lean in and find the silver lining in anything.

“Like traveling so much – no, it’s not the best, especially with children. It can be difficult. But you go, ‘Well, at least I have time to read and go over my schedule, or work on the next Voice rounds, or write some songs.’ There’s always stuff to be done. It’s kind of like my office.”

In addition to frequent flights from Los Angeles to their other family home in Tennessee, Clarkson, 37, will soon be adding Las Vegas to her regular travel itinerary as she prepares to launch her concert residency in April (20).