Kelly Clarkson and LL Cool J outraged at police for shoving elderly protester

Kelly Clarkson and LL Cool J have vented their fury at New York police after two officers were filmed forcefully shoving a 75-year-old peaceful protester to the ground.

The incident involved members of the Buffalo Police Department, whose use of excessive force during Black Lives Matter demonstrations this week caused the elderly activist to stumble and hit the back of his head, leaving him with a bloody wound as other police officials, all wearing riot gear, walked by without offering their help.

The footage went viral, but a BPD spokesperson played down the cops’ actions by claiming the activist “was injured when he tripped and fell”.


On Thursday, Clarkson took to Twitter to share her outrage as she demanded the helmeted cops be identified and punished for their violent behaviour, which has led to the protester’s hospitalisation.

“To every single cop in this video that walked by that poor man bleeding out of his head after he was OBVIOUSLY pushed, WHY ARE YOU A COP???!!!!!” the pop star fumed. “To all the great cops out there, CALL THESE SORRY EXCUSE FOR HUMANS OUT!!”

Rapper/actor LL Cool J used the incident to seemingly take aim at U.S. President Donald Trump, who had called for “law and order” on the streets to quell protests in the wake of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer in Minnesota.

“THIS IS WHAT HE THINKS LAW & ORDER LOOKS LIKE,” he posted, alongside the viral video.

Others to share their disgust at the incident included Janelle Monae, MC Hammer, Ice-T, and Zedd, and the public outrage soon prompted authorities to suspend the two officers involved without pay, and launch an internal investigation.

The protests in New York have been part of a worldwide uprising following the murder of African-American man George Floyd at the hands of a white cop in Minnesota on 25 May.