Keira Knightley still vacuuming up glitter from Sugar Plum Fairy role

Keira Knightley never wants to see glitter again after wrapping her new holiday-themed movie The Nutcracker & the Four Realms.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star was covered in the stuff for her role as the Sugar Plum Fairy in the film, and she admits it was a pain to get it out of her cracks and crannies.

“We shot it almost two years ago and I think I’ve still got glitter in my house,” she tells talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. “It’s impossible to get off anything.


“It’s a disaster, and I was covered in it for about four months while we were making the film… You really can’t (get it off)… It’s very definitely now in my contract that I won’t work with glitter. Never!”

Keira also has reservations about her character’s pink “cotton candy” hairstyle in the film.

“We did actually try with real cotton candy but then I had a lot of bees and wasps and flies following me and we decided that’s a really bad idea,” she smiles. “It would also melt under the lights, but it was quite fun trying – but quite a good idea not to keep it like that.

“I look a bit like a psychotic cake!”

The actress is hoping drag queens will fall in love with her character in The Nutcracker & the Four Realms, because she took her inspiration for the role from the gender benders.

“We actually designed it (outfit) with them (drag queens) in mind,” Knightley told PrideSource. “I was so pleased. It was my first time where I could actually be like a drag queen, and I was so excited… I was really excited because normally you have to be so subtle in films.

“I think there are some amazing drag queens out there who are gonna wear it even better than I did,” she continued. “I hope that this film inspires some amazing costumes. Please, please let there be a drag queen somewhere who will be in a Sugar Plum Fairy outfit.”

The Nutcracker & the Four Realms will be released in November (18).