Katy Perry: ‘There’s a lot of storytelling in my shoes’

by #People

Katy Perry likes to tell stories through the unique designs of her shoes.

The Roar popstar brings her adventurous fashion sense to Katy Perry Collections, and has just dropped new summer-ready styles that include pumps with a watermelon slice for a heel, jelly sandals with brightly coloured fruit adorning them, and her now iconic hamburger trainers that she wore to the Met Gala afterparty – which have subsequently sold out.

Her style is unique and eye-catching, and Katy revealed she never runs out of inspiration when thinking up new ideas for her shoe collection.

“The universe is vast. It’s really about storytelling. You can pull inspiration from so many different places. You can do it from music, movies, decades, travel,” she told People.

“I have to say travel and food are my top two inspirations right now. You’ll see a lot of that in the storytelling of my shoes. It’s also about humour. It’s a play on words. I can just say a word and then there is this game of ad-libbing to get to the idea of a new heel. Especially when I get to concept out all of our holiday stuff.”

The 34-year-old, who recently wore a chandelier dress before changing into a hamburger outfit at the Met Gala, credits her trips to Tokyo, as a heavy influence on her self-confessed “really camp” style.

“My travels in Tokyo have always really influenced everything I do fashion wise. It’s just tongue in cheek. It’s kitsch. It’s really camp!” she laughed.

And Katy has been making waves as she showcases her eclectic wardrobe choices as she serves as a judge on the 17th season of U.S talent show, American Idol.

“It’s a moment to really have fun. Those kids are doing show-stopping songs and I’m doing show-stopping looks,” she explained. “I just love a theme. I love switching it up. They’re all different.”

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