Katie Holmes works on personal style by following Fashion Week trends

Katie Holmes uses New York Fashion Week trends to help her work on her ever-evolving personal style.

The former Dawson’s Creek actress attended the Saks Fifth Avenue It List Townhouse event hosted by Harper’s Bazaar and American Express during the week-long fashion extravaganza in the Big Apple, and searched the five-storey venue for new clothing inspiration.

“I like to get one or two really trendy things each season, and I haven’t decided which trends I want to do yet,” she explained to People at the event.


The 39-year-old star also attended multiple runway shows, including catwalks for Zimmermann, Alice + Olivia and Tory Burch, during New York Fashion Week, and although she loves seeing new designs, Katie admits it’s been hard for her to nail down her personal style tastes in the modern age of social media.

“I think being so inundated with social media, you’re constantly being shown images of what other people have or what other people look like,” she shared. “I think, ‘Wow, their lives are so perfect’.”

However, the actress likes to take her time and doesn’t put too much pressure on trying to craft perfect looks all the time.

“Take time to develop different parts of yourself, and your style will come,” she said. “Everything will come. It takes longer than you think. Just be good to yourself. Appreciate yourself instead of comparing yourself.”

“To develop anything, it takes a long time,” Holmes added.

As well as social media, there’s another Internet no-no for Katie as she seeks out great looks – online shopping.

“I don’t buy anything online,” she said. “I’m not up late at night online shopping. I like to go into stores. That space is a reflection of the designer.”