Katharine McPhee gives David Foster haircut on Instagram Live

Katharine McPhee recently gave her husband David Foster’s hair a trim during an Instagram Live session.

The couple has been staging daily mini-concerts on social media while in self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, and on Wednesday, the Smash star revealed she had stepped up and become a barber to give the veteran musician a much-needed tidy-up.

After introducing viewers to the live stream, McPhee recapped what they had been up to since their last online gig.


“The update is I cut your hair,” she said as she turned to Foster, and then pulled out a pair of scissors to trim his locks a little further.

“She did an amazing job – look at this!” Foster gushed, as McPhee explained, “It’s just a minor adjustment.”

“She did a great, great job,” the 70-year old-continued. “My hair was getting so long. I was starting to look like Einstein!”

McPhee and Foster aren’t the only celebrities giving each other at-home haircuts. Gwen Stefani recently helped style her boyfriend Blake Shelton’s new mullet by shaving stripes into the side of his head, while Ryan Reynolds revealed his wife Blake Lively was going to cut his hair shortly.

However, he joked that he wasn’t too thrilled about the idea since her first attempt wasn’t a success.

“She’s done this once before. It took two and a half hours. And then at the end, it looked like she had done the whole thing using only a lighter or like those gloves that are made of sandpaper,” the 43-year-old deadpanned. “It would have been a little faster and more efficient if she’d just wore it down, if she’d just rubbed my head until the hair just disappeared.”

Pink also realised the downsides of DIY hairstyling after she gave herself an uneven buzz cut.