Kate Beckinsale hits back at trolls’ criticism of Harvey Weinstein post

Kate Beckinsale has hit back at trolls who made negative comments about her Instagram post condemning Harvey Weinstein.

Hours after Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault on Wednesday, Beckinsale took to social media to reveal her own experiences with the shamed movie mogul.

Sharing snaps from the October 2001 premiere of Serendipity, the British actress revealed that shortly after the event, Weinstein had invited her to his home under the guise of their children having a playdate, only to begin screaming obscenities at her.


Although numerous fans and stars were supportive, some trolls tried to question Beckinsale’s actions.

“Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would allow themselves to be put in one of those situations. Just leave,” one wrote.

According to a screenshot obtained by Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, the star replied: “I did. It still happened.”

Another queried, “Why did you show up is my question?” to which she shot back, “He was my boss. He had not so far been abusive, nor had I seen any evidence on the one movie I had worked on with him. He couched it as a playdate for our kids.”

The 46-year-old was also asked why so many celebrities, many of whom have since denounced Weinstein, including some who have gone public with their own allegations of harassment or assault, “glorified” him for years.

Admitting the producer could also use his charm, she added: “He was also very talented, could be funny, generous, creative. And then absolutely monstrous. If all abusers were just awful all the time I think it would be far less confusing and less painful.”

In her original post, Beckinsale claimed Weinstein screamed: “You stupid f**king ****, you **** you ruined my premiere” at her for wearing a suit rather than a dress to the premiere, adding that he also called her a “f**king lesbian”.