Kanye West backs label of former Yeezy designer Maisie Schloss

Kanye West has thrown his support behind the debut collection from his former Yeezy designer, Maisie Schloss.

The 27-year-old presented her inaugural womenswear collection for her label Maisie Wilen at the Night Gallery in Los Angeles’ Arts District, which featured a range of body-hugging, boldly patterned dresses, leggings and leotards inspired by rhythmic gymnastics.

Using vivid colours, warped prints and unusual materials – including embossed vinyl upholstery fabric – the collection featured a slip-dress in an orange and teal flame print, and a stretchy, ruched-front jacket in an abstract snake print.

West revealed that his highlight of Schloss’ debut collection were a pair of over-the-knee slime boots dipped in goo-green Latex.

“I told her that’s my favourite thing,” he said at the event.

The Life of Pablo rapper spent nearly two hours at the low-key, friends-and-family event, stopping to shake hands and chat, but declined interviews.

Schloss was a former womenswear designer for West’s Yeezy label, and she is the first to emerge from the 41-year-old’s recently announced brand-incubator programme, which provides seed funding, mentorship and studio space.

“I had the pleasure of working with Kanye for a number of years,” she said backstage before the presentation. “And when he approached me about this partnership, I was absolutely floored. It’s a dream come true.”

Schloss, who will present Maisie Wilen to the fashion industry in Paris later this month, was taken aback by West’s dedication.

“The variety of creativity he has and projects, and how much vision he has into things, he has music and fashion and will get into smaller side projects he’s suddenly a master in. He’s truly a genius,” she gushed.