Kaley Cuoco’s husband celebrates ‘amazing’ wife on her birthday

Kaley Cuoco’s husband took to Instagram to wish his wife a happy 34th birthday.

The actress rang in the big day on set in Thailand but, honouring his love, her husband Karl Cook celebrated his “amazing” wife in a gushing post on the social media site.

“Happy birthday @kaleycuoco love of my life!! You’re the greatest most amazing woman on the planet, minus @lifewithshmooshy of course,” the 28-year-old equestrian penned beneath a post-squash workout clip of Kaley, as he shouted out the couple’s rescue pony.


“I am so excited to live everyday together. Also ‘squash is a young mans game,’ is just perfect, hahaha!!”

Meanwhile, the star was busy filming scenes for her upcoming TV show, The Flight Attendant, and took to Instagram to document her celebrations with the show’s cast and crew.

The Big Bang Theory star, dressed in a white robe, was visibly overcome with emotion as her pals brought out a cake and sang to her, as she blew out candles and thanked them for being a part of the special moment.

“Thank you everyone for making me feel so special so far from home! Also my bday is just starting in the states so I’m gonna ride this wave as long as humanely possible,” she joked of the time difference between Thailand and her native America.